Hungarian Oak Barrel Stave Smoked BBQ’d Salmon – Awesome!

Just tried a killer way to cook Salmon the other night using a barrel stave. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed

Get an old barrel or barrel stave from your friendly local winemaker.  I used an old Hungarian barrel once filled with fine Pinot, but any type works well. Cut it into planks slightly larger than your your Salmon steak. Soak the planks in a water for 1-24 hours & use a brick or stone to keep them submerged. Season Salmon with your favorite seasonings (I used salt, olive oil, pepper, dill and garlic) and marinate for 15min-1hr. When the BBQ is heated, place the planks directly over the coals, close the lid and heat for 5 minutes. Stop, have some beer, or maybe wine and enjoy the awesome smokey aromas. After 5 min. move the planks to indirect heat on the grill and place the marinated salmon directly on top of the plank with the skin side down. Close the lid and grill until its cooked through – about 15-20 minutes. Don’t forget to pair with some killer wine!

Barrel Plank Salmon

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Nick’s Thoughts…

Here is what our good friend and Assistant Winemaker of Benovia Winery, Nick Finarelli thinks of the Syrah;
“Digging the wine. Like the leather and plum. Tannins are supple. Reminds me a lot of a Rhone Syrah.”
I’ll take that from someone who’s email prefix is “rhonelover”!

By The Glass @ Vino & Freinds

Bottle Jack is now being poured by-the-glass at Vino & Friends in Fresno! This is the same shop where John worked with owners Chuck & Jen Van Fleet who helped support him during his winemaking studies at Fresno State. They have a great wine store, bar & bistro and carry our Zinfandel and Firenze Super Tuscan Blend.  We’re happy to be in place where wine is shared with family, friends, laughter and love everyday.  Thanks Chuck & Jen!