Bottle Jack Wines gets “greener”


We purchased the glass from Wine Bottle Renew; which sells re-used bottles. Here is a great video on that explains the process – Bottle Jack cut our waste by over 2,400 bottles in our first release by choosing reused bottles over new bottles – that accounts for roughly 375 lbs of glass!


Our labels are printed on “Tree Free” paper – which is made from bamboo, bagasse (leftover from processing sugarcane stalks) and cotton. Even at just around a 200 case production, when you factor in that over 5,000 labels went onto the bottles, that saves a lot of paper!


Bottle Jack does not use foil capsules. The original purpose of using capsules was to protect the cork from rodents and weevils, and hopefully you shouldn’t have to worry about that problem these days. Plus it’s one less step to getting the bottle open and drinking that awesome wine!