Bottle Jack Winery

Every 3rd Saturday of the Month 12-4 pm

Bottle Jack was started with the idea of doing what we love and loving what we do. Our goal is to make wines that we know we’ll enjoy drinking ourselves and that are to be shared with family friends laughter and love. It’s not our style to woo you with grandiose stories, fancy marketing lingo or extravagant terms of rare and exotic fruits, flavors or aromas. Our dream is simple but it is also tons of fun. Our wines are great. We’re proud to hold a bottle in our hands and share a glass with our friends and family. We hope you do too and appreciate your support.barrels

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Bot•tle Jack \ ‘bä-tel-, jak \ n. 1: a mechanical device used to lift heavy loads or apply great forces and occasionally to press wine. 2: a wine dedicated to those who have inspired, supported and encouraged others to achieve their dreams.

Contact:, 831.227.2288. We are open by appointment and during events. Visit the website or often for updates.